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It’s Not Too Late for a Summer Cruise!

Royal Caribbean deals

Summer is right around the corner.

Some people prefer to book and arrange travel far in advance while others prefer to wait till last minute in hopes of big deals on undersold cruises.

There are some cruise tips I can impart that might be common knowledge to most but still worth sharing.

Cruise deals are possible during peak time!

Yes, I am right! You can find the best deals for summer cruise now. – Don’t wait for too long!

They go out of the market extremely fast.

The best times to find best rates on a sailing is 60 to 90 days before departure.


The final payment for the cruise for Royal Caribbean International is 90 days. This is the last call for travelers to cancel their reservations without penalty.

Additionally, travel agencies must return unsold group space back to Royal Caribbean.

Guess what?

Royal Caribbean International must sell those staterooms very fast in a few days and increase prices again.

Cruise is a bargain. But air?

You are lackey if you are a Floridian and wish to cruise in Caribbean. Or, Californian and would like to take an Alaska cruise.

Here is a point: never buy a flight less than two weeks out from the date of departure.

The closer it is to the departure date the more expensive it gets.

Fourteen days out tends to be the magic number where prices start to increase unreasonably.

When to book your flight?

There are lot of exceptions but from my experience, 70-57 days in advance for domestic flights seems to be the sweet spot.

Some of my colleagues believe that 56-57 are the best.

OK, what deals are right now?

First, check my weekly posts. I am trying my best to post the best deals on Royal Caribbean International.

Second, pay attention on Celebrity Equinox. Celebrity Cruise Line  first time put ship on the Caribbean market in summer.


They did this too late and cruisers are not aware about this ship existence in the marketplace.

Be honest, you should make informed decision about the different tariffs on Celebrity Equinox.


Few tariffs are available and you may be easily confused with them.

One tariffs, let’s call it ‘Lowest of the Lowest’ offers great discount for senior citizens and residents of some states.

Another one, is more, but offers choice of additional onboard credit (up to $300 per stateroom), alcohol package (for two), prepaid gratuities (for two), unlimited Internet (for two.)

So, you should do your math before making booking. If you wish to give me your business, I will be happy to help you to make the informed decision.

Another confusion with celebrity Equinox: in many cases, more expensive options as Concierge Class staterooms with veranda are less than ocean view stateroom.

So, let’s work together if you wish to make the great cruise and save money.

Celebrity Equinox best deal

You can see below that prices starting from $799 plus tax of $106.99 per person on double occupancy.

Celebrity last minute deals

This is an example of Celebrity deals:

June 25, 2017

Eastern Caribbean Itinerary

From Miami

Ports of call: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Prices below are per person on double occupancy, taxes are $106.09 additionally/

Concierge class stateroom with veranda: $1,099 plus tax

Stateroom with veranda: $ 1,049 plus tax

Inside stateroom: $799 plus tax

Other Celebrity deals

Celebrity last minute deals
Celebrity last minute deals
Celebrity last minute deals

Royal Caribbean's deals

Royal Caribbean last minute deals
Royal Caribbean last minute deals
Royal Caribbean last minute deals
Royal Caribbean last minute deals
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