Sofitel Miami Is Good for Pre-Cruise Stay?

    Yes, absolutely! Sofitel Miami is a good option for pre-cruise stay even for Oasis and Allure of the Seas cruise! Trust me as cruise advisor who stayed at different hotels in this area. I stayed in Sofitel Miami for ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) meeting with top cruise line executives. I thought about a night to stay but after … Read More

Top 5 Mistakes

 That First Time Cruisers Made on Oasis of the Seas I decided to write this post after helping  cruisers-to-be to fix their mistakes on Oasis of the Seas. Sometimes I feel that I have to tell every cruiser: think critically first, don’t trust everyone who writes something on the Internet, look for an expert. Too many emotional opinions, too much confusing information, … Read More

Alcohol Policy

“Nadia, help they took my bottle of wine! What I can to do?” Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Leave your bottle at Ft. Lauderdale, take your cruise on Oasis of the Seas and enjoy your cruise vacation. On your way back home pick up your bottle. Sometimes I receive calls like this. I provide detailed instructions with Dos and Don’ts. Among Don’ts I state … Read More

Port of Everglades

Your Cruise Vacation Starts in Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale is used by Royal Caribbean International as an embarkation and disembarkation point for Caribbean cruises on Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. The actual port in Ft. Lauderdale is known as Port Everglades. It is the third-busiest cruise port in the world. Almost 3 million cruise passengers pass through its … Read More

Cruise Vacation

My Experience on Allure of the Seas Cruising is more than just a vacation, it’s an all-inclusive experience and recently we were able to discover the Allure of the Seas from Royal Caribbean. Departing from Fort Lauderdale our vacation began as soon as we set foot aboard the Allure of the Seas. Our first thoughts of the ship were back to 2010. … Read More

Kids on Cruise

 Allure of the Seas: Are You Cruising With Kids? “Are you sure that we will be denied  from boarding the Allure of the Seas?” – “Yes, sir!” “But I paid deposit already!” – “I am very sorry to inform you but somebody who did booking Allure of the Seas for you made a mistake.” “I did by myself on” – “Unfortunately, … Read More

150 Central Park

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 Fine Dining on Allure of the Seas Do you like cucumber martini? What about salt tasting? Yes, you are right, six exotic salts, one of which tastes like a hard-boiled egg.  What about smoked potato gnocchi, bison tenderloin, cucumber caviar gazpacho, braised beef, salmon medallions, duck, sea scallops, and so on? Total 6 courses in two menus per cruise that change seasonally. … Read More

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