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Non-Refundable Deposit Program for Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean non-refundable deposit

After much research and planning, Royal Caribbean is announced a new program non-refundable deposit program.

Nonrefundable deposit fares now give Royal Caribbean an opportunity to simplify our promotional landscape, while also providing guests with added confidence to book early.

For suite guests, non-refundable deposit will be the only option.

Royal Caribbean International is not a first cruise line that has non-refundable deposit. Carnival has it for years. Some luxury brands also have non-refundable or partly refundable deposit programs.

So, this is trend in cruise industry that is slowly accepted by cruise lines.

 What are the key benefits of nonrefundable deposit fares?

The added benefits that come with the introduction of nonrefundable fares are not only more consistent pricing and promotional offerings, but also an early booking incentive guaranteed to entice clients to reserve their cruise vacation earlier than ever before!

When confirming a cruise reservation at least 6-months prior to sailing, clients who opt to take advantage of nonrefundable deposit fares will automatically qualify to earn up to $100 per stateroom to spend at sea. And the best part is that the early booking credit is combinable with the existing promotional offer available at time of booking, offering clients the ability to stack on additional savings for the best deal out there!

When will nonrefundable deposit fares be available to book? And will they be available on all ships fleet-wide?

As of July 1st, 2017, the fleet-wide launch of nonrefundable deposit fares will debut across all ships. (Smaller, more-targeted opportunities may occur prior to this date on select ships and sailings.)

Why was the decision made to enforce only nonrefundable deposit fare options for Suite inventory (specifically, Grand Suite or higher) and Guarantee categories?

To preserve valued Suite inventory and to ensure availability for committed guests, a non-refundable deposit will become the only option for those guests interested in reserving an upper Suite. This also holds true for guarantee categories, where lower lead fares are typically the best deal.

What is a change fee and when will it be incurred?

To deter continual or late ship/sail date adjustments, a change fee of $100 per guest will be imposed to all reservations booked under a nonrefundable deposit fare that opts to change either the ship and/or sail date originally selected. Such fees will be incurred, without exception, at time of change, thus, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that clients are aware of the detailed terms of this program at time of booking.

Should multiple changes to the ship and/or sail date be required, will multiple change fees be incurred?

Multiple adjustments to the ship and/or sail date of a booking will result in the assessment of a $100 per guest change fee for each qualifying change made to the reservation. There is no limit on the number of change fees that can be incurred.

Should your clients choose to cancel a reservation confirmed under a nonrefundable deposit fare, what refunds will apply?

Outside of final payment, when a nonrefundable deposit cancellation occurs, clients will receive a Future Cruise Certificate in the amount of their designated cruise deposit, less the $100 per guest change fee. Such Future Cruise Certificates can be applied towards client’s future Royal Caribbean cruise vacation when reserved within 1 year of the issue date. Thereafter, the Future Cruise Certificate will expire and becomes invalid.

How is the change fee applied to qualifying bookings?

Should clients choose to change their original ship and/or sail date, they have to contact their agency in records or Royal Caribbean International if they booked directly where a representative will assist in making the desired changes.

Are nonrefundable deposit programs combinable with promotional offers and other discounted fare options?

Nonrefundable deposit fares are combinable with promotional onboard credit offers, Crown & Anchor discounts, and NextCruise benefits.

Are nonrefundable deposit fares applicable to groups?

Yes, bookings reserved under nonrefundable deposit fares are applicable to groups.

How are NextCruise bookings impacted by the introduction of nonrefundable deposits?

The same nonrefundable deposit guidelines apply to all reservations.

Will the required deposit amount also change?

Now, the deposit amount structure per guest/stateroom is not changing.

If clients choose to purchase insurance under Royal Caribbean’s Travel Protection Program, will this shield them from incurring responsibility for any applicable change fees that may occur?

The Royal Caribbean Travel Protection program does not cover change fees. The client would receive protection of coverage on their trip only if they paid for the protection plan.

Current Promotions

Please pay attention that Maycation promotion ends on May 16, 2017


Booking Window: May 1-31, 2017

Sailing Window: All sailings departing on or after June 1, 2017. ?Offer excludes China departures.

Save 30% off standard cruise fare for all guests in a stateroom


Booking Window: May 10-16, 2017
Sailing Window: Sailings on or after June 10, 2017, excluding China departures

Up to $100 Dollars Off per stateroom:

5N or less

  •  Interior/Oceanview – $25 Off per stateroom
  •  Balcony/Suite – $50 Off per stateroom

 6N or longer

  •  Interior/Oceanview – $50 Off per stateroom
  •  Balcony/Suite – $100 Off per stateroom

Oasis Class Bonus Discount (Excluding Symphony of the Seas)

  •  Interior/Oceanview – $50 Off per stateroom
  •  Balcony – $150 Off per stateroom
  •  Suites – $300 Off per stateroom

Special Pricing: ends on May 17, 2017

Nadia Jastrjembskaia, PhD. CLIA-certified cruise advisor in the rank of Elite Cruise Counselor

This offer doesn’t long last long. It ends on May 13, 2017.

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