Cruising: Looking for the PERFECT Gift?

wedding on the Oasis of the Seas

For most people, having to buy a gift for a special occasion is a real chore! You worry that the gift will be too big or small, will be a duplicate, or will not be to the receiver’s liking. Planning a cruise as a gift is the ideal way to avoid all these pitfalls. It will always be the right size! Let’s look at some gift-giving opportunities that you can purchase, and be the “hero” for your children, spouse, parents or co-workers.

Engagement parties or wedding parties are perfect reasons for a cruise. Cruises offer excellent service, lots of fun activities, great food, and both privacy (if that is what you want) or unique group activities. The happy couple can swim, party, dance, eat like gourmands, exercise, watch great entertainment – all while spending some time alone, and some time with friends and family. Will they ever forget this trip, with all its amenities? No!   Will this be way better than another toaster oven? Yes!

Anniversaries are another “made to order” occasion for cruising! You can take your spouse on a relaxing, luxurious adventure – unforgettable! Think of the surprise and JOY when you present your significant other with those cruise tickets! Or, perhaps you want to present your parents with a unique, over the top anniversary gift. Royal Caribbean has all the tools to help you design the anniversary trip of a lifetime! They can fill their photo albums with pictures of the spectacular trip they received for a special anniversary! Cruises can be long, or short, relaxing (think “Massage”) or adventurous, busy or slow-paced. You and your expert travel agent can customize the trip – your agent is well-trained and has vast experience. Rely on her help and you will be able to enjoy the trip and give the PERFECT gift!

What are you going to do when your son/daughter graduates from college? Or becomes a commissioned officer in the military?  No other celebration can possibly compare with a family cruise. There are even certain cruises which target families with small children, so that everyone has fun, is safe, and stays busy!   A Royal Caribbean cruise is essentially a theme park that floats! There are activities all day and half the night! No one will have a moment of boredom, and everyone will return home talking about this cruise for years to come!

So, look no further – search no more! Call Nadia Jastrjembskaia, your travel expert NOW at 772-777-1337 and let her begin the process to book you and your loved ones the most wonderful vacation ever!

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