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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questionsWhy should I buy from Nadia instead of Royal Caribbean directly?

  • Royal Caribbean International controls all pricing, so prices will be the same across the net
  • RCI does not allow discounting of their products
  • RCI supports travel agents because it is more cost effective for them
  • Travel Agents do a good job of serving each client, giving more attention to each booking to maximize customer loyalty
  • Nadia is trained by the Royal Caribbean to be an expert on the particular ships – Oasis of the Seas & Allure of the Seas

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Why should I buy from Nadia instead of online competitors?

  • There is a personal human approach, not just an 800 number to book through online companies
  • For special celebrations, such as honeymoons and reunions, Nadia is able to make your trip and cabin personalized
  • Buying online, you are locking in the purchased price. Booking with Nadia, your price is not locked. Nadia can adjust the price before the final payment if due if price decreases

Why should I buy from Nadia instead of other travel agents?

  • Representatives from online companies are not trained by Royal Caribbean directly. Nadia has intensive product knowledge and has been trained by RCI for optimum expertise
  • Nadia receives daily updates for promotions and specials from Royal Caribbean for the Allure and Oasis of the Seas
  • Nadia often has special perks, such as complimentary massages and dining for two at specialty restaurants available

How can I book through Nadia?

  • Online: Complete an application from my website, and I will immediately take care of your reservation and include on board credit
  • Offline: Feel free to call or email Nadia directly so that you can discuss different options and she will be able to email you all needed forms directly

How can I transfer my current bookings to Nadia?

  • If you have already booked a cruise online or offline agency, you can still transfer it to Nadia at no cost to you. She will take care of you through each process as her own individual bookings.

Please drop any other questions you may have here or call directly 1 772 777-1337.


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