Travel Expert: Making the Dream into Reality


What one thing do older people say they regret in their advancing years? Most will tell you it isn’t what they DID do, but what they DID NOT do. Most senior citizens have regrets about the missed opportunities, the lost moments, the adventures never taken. So, why don’t you decide today, to consult a travel expert and have her help you make your lifetime dreams into reality? There are all kinds of places, adventures, experiences that you can enjoy NOW, and not keep those items on your “someday” list! Someday might never get here – seize the moment and begin now making plans for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Maybe one of the reasons you’ve always postponed making these plans is you don’t know where to start. The first item on your list should be to consult with a travel expert, one with lots of personal travel experience, and one who is willing to work with you to make this dream into a reality. Select someone who has the expertise and the motivation to help you plan this vacation. Your travel agent will help you with all the details – destination, booking dates, cost, activities, menu, etc.

Now that you have selected an agent – start thinking about where you want to go. Isn’t there some fantasy destination you have always wanted to visit? Make it happen! Talk to your family and friends, ask about their travel experiences, and then have an in-depth conversation with your travel expert. You might even decide to take someone with you, possibly someone who has shared that same dream vacation, and now you can plan and take that trip together!

The biggest advantage of booking with a travel expert, and an established cruise company, is EXPERIENCE! Your agent and your cruise company have been at this for long enough to have worked out all the kinks…they KNOW how to plan and deliver a world-class cruise vacation! They can offer you many destinations, various lengths of cruises, degrees of luxury and cost, and even help you plan when you will eat, and what!

Think of all the hassles you can eliminate – no sitting on hold waiting for someone to talk to you, no stressing out over whether you will arrive on time, no packing and unpacking every day, no “mystery” meals with questionable service and the possibility of less than quality food.

Don’t wait another moment – call 772 777-1337  Nadia Jastrjembskaia now and begin to fulfill your lifelong dream of the perfect vacation!

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