My Friend’s Story

When I sell cruise to newbies I feel resistance – they don’t trust me in many cases. They do what their friends did before – and follow without thinking!  You will agree with me that life is unpredictable and we can’t imagine that may be happen for good or bad.

This story I heard from my colleague today. Enjoy!

“ I have a client that went on a Carnival cruise on May 21.  She wanted the Early Saver rate, and declined travel insurance (her friend told her she didn’t need it).  This is someone who has never really taken a vacation outside of her state and has never flown on an airplane.  I spent an enormous amount of time just educating her about taking a vacation in general.

Since she was so ‘green’, I advised her to book her excursions through the cruise line, but she found cruise critic and some folks there told her she could do it on her own.  I just received word that at her first port of call, Cozumel, she rented scooters from a random company.  The wind blew her off the road and she got a fractured wrist, fingers and required stitches in multiple places.  Her teenaged daughter also required minor stitches.  They are ok and were able to make it back to the ship, however she had to pay the hospital in Mexico $8000 and pay for the scooter that was damaged.  For the rest of her cruise she was basically confined to her room.

I feel really bad that her cruise was ruined and glad she made it home in one piece.  I just wished she had followed my advice and purchased the travel insurance.  Her friend told her “I never got it, you don’t need it”.  People need to realize anything can happen while on vacation.”

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