Virtual Balcony on Quantum of the SeasLast week I received a request for a virtual balcony on the Navigator of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International, February 5, 2014. Yes, last minute deals! My first reaction was: are you sure? I learned about virtual balcony staterooms on the Quantum of the Seas during special training about the newest innovative ships. But Navigator of the Seas?

Once Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas comes out from dry dock next week, virtual balcony staterooms will be a new feature. Basically, the virtual balcony means an 80 inch high definition screen in some inside staterooms.

According to Ronnie Farzad, Royal Caribbean’s head of entertainment technology, who was interviewed by Fox News, the new screens are from floor to the ceiling as well as wall to wall. You will hear a sound of the sea and even adjust the sound level. Another feature – you can see the real picture from outside due to outside camera.

Great plus for cruisers on the budget: you will see the real weather outside.  This also gives you feeling of the sea and destination.

According to Royal Caribbean International virtual balcony is energy efficient and doesn’t give off heat. So your stateroom will be not overheated.

There is a banister on the wall.

Guess why banister in the inside stateroom. For a feeling of safety!

Ronnie Farzad explained why a banister was placed on the wall. Royal Caribbean tested a virtual balcony received a lot of complains from testers. View of the open ocean was very scary for them. And there is nothing that separated them from “water”. They reported that feel “falling in.” Of course, another option was simply to close the curtain or turn off the virtual balcony.

Total number of virtual balconies inside staterooms on the Navigator of the Seas is 98. Category J is given to those staterooms.  Seventeen staterooms with virtual balconies can accommodate 3 and 4 guests. So, you can take one for your family.

On the Quantum of the Seas, each stateroom will have a virtual balcony. Even in studios for solo cruisers! This is also good news for people who cruise alone – say good-bye to the single supplement.

There were some challenges to install virtual balconies. Charlie Miller from Control System, the company that designed the virtual balconies, explained that designers planned to create virtual banisters and even balusters. Balusters are the vertical poles that hold the banisters in place. Problem was in appearance – banisters have to be outside the window and look as a real balcony rail. Also, they decided not to put virtual glass.

If you want to try virtual balcony stateroom but not sure if this is a good idea – give as a call at 772 777-1337 or fill out the form and we will help you in making you booking decision.

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