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 Fine Dining on Allure of the Seas

Do you like cucumber martini? What about salt tasting? Yes, you are right, six exotic salts, one of which tastes like a hard-boiled egg.  What about smoked potato gnocchi, bison tenderloin, cucumber caviar gazpacho, braised beef, salmon medallions, duck, sea scallops, and so on? Total 6 courses in two menus per cruise that change seasonally.

There is a service charge of $40 per person. Yes, this is one of the priciest alternatives dining in cruise industry but all my clients agree that experience they received worth each penny they paid. Also, there is wine paring option – see a picture for $75 additionally that couples each meal. You also can take a glass of wine as an alternative.

Smoked Sweet Potato Soup is signature card for 150 Central Park restaurant. A “Smoking Gun” fills out the bowl’s cloche with smoke. When the cloche is removed at the table, smoke is released creating a sensory trio as you see, smell, and taste.

Check out the video to see how it’s done! See Molly Brandt in action!

Just to let you know that Molly created menu for the 1500 Central Park on Allure of the Seas. “I do not want people to get palate fatigue. I do not want them to be bored. So if I am going to use a tomato at the beginning of the menu, you are not going to see a tomato for the rest of the menu. It is always going to be something different; there will be different flavors.” – explained Molly.

Another strong point of 150 Central Park restaurant – service. You’ll be greeted by name the moment you enter the restaurant. Service is personalized, yet unobtrusive – you’ll feel right at home as your needs are met by warm, friendly, subtle, yet absolutely precise wait staff.

Décor itself is full of unique textures and decorative details inspired by nature and art nouveau. The style of the restaurant is Old World luxury with over-sized, high-backed chairs. Small, elegant restaurant with classical influences.

Only one “but” – you have to have reservation for this restaurant BEFORE you step on the ship. Yes, you have a chance to do this while there – some sits are on hold for reservations while on board. But ‘some’ only. I do reservations for my clients just after final booking. Please feel free to contact me at 772 777-1337 or simply fill out form here.


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