You can bring your wine to Royal Caribbean ships

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Yes, I can imagine how many people are happy about this!  What this means for you? More predictable end of the cruise bill! You can bring your favorite wine and drink in your stateroom! Or bring to the dining room and enjoy it with your dinner for fee.

 As you know before there are no alcoholic beverages were allowed on board of Royal Caribbean International including Oasis and Allure of the Seas. As was announced on November 6, 2012, company changed alcohol policy. Under new regulations you are allowed to bring 2 (two!) 750-milliliter bottles per cabin.

 Attention to guests from Presidential and AquaTheater suites! Even there are 14 people in your stateroom it is counted as ONE cabin. So, you are allowed 2 bottles only.

Requirements to your bottles are as follows: they have to retain the original manufacturer’s seals and exhibit no signs of tampering. This means that bottles can’t be open.

 Where you can consume your wine? There are 2 areas specified: your own cabin and your own balcony.

What happens if I bring my bottle to dining room? Nothing! You will enjoy your dinner with your own wine plus $25 corkage fee. But if you want your bottle of wine for FREE – let me know. I will send it directly to dining room for you. If you book with ME, not with Royal Caribbean directly or another agency. This is my special “Thank you” for my clients.

What happens if I bring 4 bottles of wine to pier? Unfortunately you have to take 2 bottles with you and leave 2 bottles at pier. The additional bottles will be secured by ship personnel and returned just prior to the end of the cruise.

 Please pay attention that new policy allows you to bring WINE but not vodka and rum. Your bottle of vodka will be confiscated at pier. So, don’t take this chance!

 If you are interested in receiving a FREE bottle of wine for your cruise (red, champagne, white – we will talk about brands also!) fill out the form here to express your interest.


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