Budget for Your Cruise

A golden time when everything was included into the cruise price has passed. Yes, there are cruises with an all-inclusive concept with no gratuities added to your bill that is still around. But for most of the vacationers this is not available because that is usually associated with the luxury category. All contemporary cruise lines are doing their best to temp passengers as many times as they could. Result? Bitter feelings after final bills are released.

Every time you see the same picture during the last night before debarkation: ship becomes quieter and there is a long line at the customer service desk. Everyone has a final bill in hand and awaits his or her turn to talk about unexpected charges shown on the bill. “Oh, yes, I remember I ordered this drink when I was relaxed at swimming pool  …” “I didn’t think that this massage was so expensive …” “My husband paid for our photos? He didn’t mention this to me!”

This is the point: don’t concentrate too much on the cost of the cruise itself – establish a realistic budget for your spending onboard. I had a customer who spent near $1,000 on board on his $229 cruise to the Bahamas.

Look at the big picture: can you afford cruise at this time? What is your budget for upfront costs and what are your limits on all extras. Communicate your expectations effectively with your family members.  If you are on the same page – use one credit card per cabin to pay onboard. If not, ask your party to be responsible for their own expenses.

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