Christmas Cruising for the Whole Family

By Nadia Jastrjembskaia

September 20, 2011

A client called me recently and asked for my suggestion about a Christmas cruise for her and her extended family. “We are tired of spending thousands of dollars on gifts for each other. Boxes are nice but what is the real value of the sweater that ends up in the back of your closet winter season? We decided to start a new tradition – a family Christmas cruise and exchange shore excursions or dining in specialty restaurants as gifts. This becomes far more affordable!”

Really? When I made my calculations for all expenses, it does sound reasonable. Additionally, all family members are together and nobody tries to make their visit shorter. The key? Quality time together! Re-build family relationships by more talking, more doing, more experiencing as a family. From this perspective, cruising is an ideal event for any multi-generational extended family.  Everyone has something to do but can still be together for the family dinner every night (mom would be so proud of me!)

Personally, I was on a Christmas cruise the last two consecutive years. It was fun with a festive spirit, carols, decorations and activities. And, of course, no pressure on the host family for Christmas dinner. Allow the cruise chef to cater to your own Christmas Eve!

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