Dining on Oasis of the Seas: New Menu

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Are you a foodie? I am. Let me tell you that I like Royal Caribbean cruises because of food. Mostly in specialty restaurants. I just returned from the Seminar at Sea on Oasis of the Seas and want to share my firsthand experience.

First of all, I want to tell you about RCI food policy (don’t laugh, please!) This a REAL concept based on 3 pillars:

  • Quality of food
  • Variety of food
  • Attention to detail

Personally, I like all of them but the last one is my favorite. Food presentation for me is an art. It is like go to museum. Fine presentations are the most to enjoy – you are not hungry at fine restaurants, are you?

I‘d like to skip info about RCI training program for chefs. I like the final result on my plate. Just one name to mention – Travis Kamiyama – a creator of Izumi’s menu. His passion in sushi let him fly up in culinary hierarchy on Royal Caribbean. So, soon you can enjoy Travis’s menu at Izumi restaurants on all ships.

Main dining room news is:

  • 85% of menu is changed
  • Menu is based on guest’ requests
  • Basic dishes as shrimp cocktail stay
  • Baked Alaska id back
  • New deserts as The Pavlova and Baileys Banana Crème Brule

My suggestion to you: try The Pavlova low fat desert! This is really yummy!

New menu has new presentation – more information, more engagement, more interesting facts about local food, interesting ingredients, etc.

New menu was introduced on Oasis class ships first. Two ships are added to new menu each month. All Royal Caribbean ships are done by April – May 2013.

A few words about specialty restaurants. My favorite Chops Grille was booked every night. I witnessed how people tried to make a reservation and heard ‘Sorry, we don’t have availability.’ My suggestion to you: don’t wait up to the last minute – make a reservation in advance. I do this for my clients just after the final payment. And you know, I don’t charge my service fee for that. Contact me if you want to be one of my clients at 772 335-7017 or fill out a request here.


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