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Allure of the Seas: Do You Believe That You Pay Less?

“Can non-suite guests meet their family members who are suite guests for breakfast in Concierge Lounge on Allure of the Seas?” – “No. Non-suite guests can’t enter Concierge Lounge even they are mom and dad unless they are highly ranked in Crown and Anchor Society.”

“But somebody from XXXXX on-line agency told me that we can meet in Concierge Lounge.” – “Unfortunately, this is not true.”

Calls like this I receive every day. Those people who strongly believe that prices they found on the Internet are the best and on-line agencies (still agencies!) is the cheapest way to book their own travel. They spend hours and hours on research to figure out later that this doesn’t work.

According to the IBM Institute for Business Value and Frost & Sullivan, fewer than 50% of consumers booking travel online think they got their money’s worth and that online booking technology is as much a deterrent to customer service as it is an aid to the process. The most dissatisfied online bookers were those looking for the cheapest price. How dissatisfied are they going to be when they find out they paid the same price they would have paid a retailer who would have done the work for them?

It is OK to find the cheapest price for air fare and the dirty cheap hotel for one night stay before the cruise. But it is not OK to put other people in the situation when they don’t enjoy their vacations.

As a Master Cruise Counsellor, certified by Cruise Line International Association and Royal Caribbean’s Expert Plus, I strongly believe that all complex traveling have to be booked by travel professionals. In case with Allure of the Seas, there is no extra money to pay. Royal Caribbean International controls prices. When you pay for your cruise, you pay directly to Royal Caribbean – not a travel agency which is maybe on-line or brick and mortar.

Royal Caribbean International creates a product – Allure of the Seas and sells it without allowing discounting.

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