Sofitel Miami Is Good for Pre-Cruise Stay?


Yes, absolutely! Sofitel Miami is a good option for pre-cruise stay even for Oasis and Allure of the Seas cruise!

Trust me as cruise advisor who stayed at different hotels in this area. I stayed in Sofitel Miami for ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) meeting with top cruise line executives. I thought about a night to stay but after I read reviews about this hotel I changed my mind and extended my stay for one more night.

I booked a standard room but was upgraded to deluxe on 12th floor. Room was not so big but just regular size. I liked French style chair very comfortable to seat with extended legs.

Why I can recommend Sofitel Miami for pre-cruising?

There are three reasons for that.

First of all, location. If you arrive to Miami in the evening it is very comfortable to be in bed in 40 minutes after landing. There is a shuttle service available from airport to the hotel. I like the fact that rooms don’t face the runways. The building is under the right angle to it. It makes hotel rooms not so noisy.

Second reason for my recommendation is food. After eating my breakfast in restaurant I felt as I am vacationing in France. Crepes filled with apple compote and covered by cranberry souse were absolutely delicious! It was presented well also – see picture. Yes, of course, we ate our dinner also. I highly recommend Red Snapper. If you try let me know if you liked it.

Third reason for staying in Sofitel Miami is a customer service. I liked when employees told me “Bonjour, madam” every time they see me. Bonjour is a French word meaning Good Day. Also, I received a very special desert for my birthday. In first evening I mentioned that I like this desert and I want to have it for my birthday which happened next day. In late afternoon I opened my room and saw a very well presented desert: soufflé with tiny nut crumbs decorated with golden lines. Yamee! Thank you Mr. Nageravan for a wonderful gift!

If you need some more information about Sofitel Miami as a pre-cruise or after-cruise stay please contact me by filling out form here.

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