Top 5 Mistakes

 That First Time Cruisers Made on Oasis of the Seas

zip-line Oasis of the SeasI decided to write this post after helping  cruisers-to-be to fix their mistakes on Oasis of the Seas. Sometimes I feel that I have to tell every cruiser: think critically first, don’t trust everyone who writes something on the Internet, look for an expert. Too many emotional opinions, too much confusing information, too many options to choose from. Relax!  Listen to a  trained professional who doesn’t need a penny from your pocket simply to read the following post.

So, you decided to give Oasis of the Seas a chance. You are right – studying  the best ship in the industry is the first step.

Mistake #1. People didn’t test an idea before jumping to  conclusions.   Of course, thousands of online sites will be happy to sell you something.  Problem is  they don’t know you personally. How do you feel with thousands of strangers around you? How you will feel in 127 sq. ft. cabin without a window after being used to a 3,000 sq. feet home?

Solution: Before jumping onto a  plane to Ft. Lauderdale  and cruise on Oasis of the Seas give Royal Caribbean a chance to impress you with smaller ship, shorter itinerary,  not far from your home.

Mistake #2. Over reaction to negative information and comments on the Internet. Do you believe in everything that is  written on the Internet? Of course, not. There is a lot of information that is questionable. If somebody had a bad experience on the cruise 8 years ago, it doesn’t mean that you will have the same in October 2012.

Solution: Try to accumulate the positive information and analyze it first. Read negative information and figure out how does it  correspond to positive: too much , too little. Separate emotions and opinions from real facts. Remember, what your 6th  grade reading teacher told you: facts are objective, opinions are subjective.

Mistake #3: Trying to find a deal?. Do you know what a good  deal looks like? What is a ‘deal’ for a guy who lives in a tiny apartment on downtown may  not a deal for you. Be wary of  something cheap that is  below your socioeconomic status.

Solution: See what the  Royal Caribbean’s web site looks like, learn more about price structure (cruise fare, taxes, and gratuities.) Understand the Royal Caribbean policy for not-rebating. Prices have to be the same across the Internet.

Mistake #4: no expectations and no planning. You are going to cruise on Oasis of the Seas for 7 days. What do you want to do first? Second?  What do you want to do in ports of call?

Solution: Read as more as possible to understand the  features of  Oasis of the Seas . Study itinerary – learn about things to do in each port of call, what prices are for different excursions. Make a plan starting from day one  on your cruise.

Mistake #5: Do  everything by yourself. Too many people believe that the Internet is the best helper to plan your first cruise. Ooops! You forget that the  devil is  in  the details. Too many things to plan, too many  Internet tricks are around, too many things to be responsible for.

Solution: Hire a  professional. Do you know the secret – this will be absolutely free for you. Select the best trained person you can find – Master degree in cruise counseling from CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) must be, training certificate from Royal Caribbean with Expert status also. Cruise counselors are paid commissions from cruise lines to provide service to clients. So, if you book directly with a cruise line, they don’t give you a discount – you will pay exactly the same as cruise counselor asks  you to pay.

Take  advantage of  the free services.

If you have any questions about cruising on Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas – feel free to contact Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Master Cruise Counselor and Royal Caribbean’s Expert Plus by calling 772 777-1337 or fill out a form by clicking here.
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