Travel Documents

That You Need for Oasis of the Seas Cruise Vacation

passport for Oasis of the SeasI decided to write this post about travel documents for cruise on Oasis of the Seas after I was in a situation when client paid on last minute deal for the cruise online and discovered just a few days before departure that he doesn’t have proper documents.

Do I need a passport for cruise on Oasis of the Seas? Help! I have only 5 days before departure but my passport expired! Do I really need a passport for Caribbean cruise? What kind of travel documents my child needs if his mom doesn’t cruise with us?

Those kinds of questions I receive every day. My suggestion: before you pay for your cruise (especially final payment) stop for a minute and think. Yes, I want to enjoy Oasis of the Seas but what about my travel documents: passport, green cards, authorization form for a minor to leave country from non-traveling parent?

Situation with passports for USA citizens on Oasis of the Seas cruise is like that. I strongly recommend having a valid passport. Please pay attention: passport book not passport card. The main reason for this is the emergency situation that you may be on. If you have to return home from port of call for any reason – you can’t. You don’t have proper travel documents – your passport. Passport is needed to take an international flight. Period. No excuses. It is scary. You have to ask local USA consulate to help you to receive proper travel documents to return back to USA.

So, if you decided to take a risk and travel without proper travel documents– it is your choice. In this case you need driver’s license and government-issued birth certificate. Here is a problem: people hear driver’s license and birth certificate and don’t pay attention on ‘government-issued’ birth certificate. That is why some can’t step on board of Oasis of the Seas – no ‘government-issued’ birth certificate. This means that certificate must be not from the hospital but from the court house.

If you are naturalized USA citizen you need your driver’s license and original Naturalization Certificate.

Please contact Nadia if you have any questions about proper travel documents for your cruise on Oasis of the Seas. You can call at 772 777-1337 or write down your question here.
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