7 Unknown Reasons for Travel Insurance

#1 Cancel for Any Reason

Your girlfriend said she loved you so you booked cruise on Allure of the Seas for two. But then she found a new boyfriend who took her to the South Pacific. With the Cancel for Any Reason option, you can re-book for the next Singles Cruise.

#2 Cancel for Work Reasons

The boss brings you the good news and bad news. You are chosen to lead the new company merger. You are forced, however, to postpone your cruise vacation on Oasis of the Seas. Your trip is protected thanks to the Cancel for Work Reasons option.

#3 Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance

A shark circles your boat during the whale-watching tour. In all the excitement your wallet falls into the ocean. You wisely decide not to try to retrieve it and rely on Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance to help replace the contents.

#4 Job Loss Protection

Two weeks ago your boss said you were doing a great job and you booked last-minute cruise on Royal Caribbean. Yesterday, he gave you and 5 co-workers 90 minutes to clear your desks and leave the building. Job Loss Protection will reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable vacation.

#5 Leave Revocation Coverage

Your brother’s Army unit is suddenly redeployed to help earthquake victims. Thanks to Leave Revocation coverage, you save your cancelled family cruise vacation and attend his farewell party. You are both heroes.

#6 Pet Care Coverage

Your French poodle Gigi is stuck in a Chicago kennel while you are stuck in a Paris hospital. Gigi yelps at you on the phone as you tell her you’ll be home soon. Pet Care coverage will pay her boarding costs for a few more days.

#7 School Year Extension

Your kids were cheering when snow cancelled school. Everyone is crying when school makeup dates conflict with your family cruise on Allure of the Seas. Your School Year Extension coverage means that a rebooking will dry the tears.

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