Oasis of the Seas and Hurricane Sandy

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Yes, I was on Oasis of the Seas what it crossed path of hurricane Sandy last week.

First of all, let’s face it: hurricane season in Caribbean is unpredictable. It may be perfectly fine or absolutely opposite. So, when you cruise in August – October (November is more predictable) you have to accept any weather.

I didn’t have a chance to pick-up a date. Royal Caribbean International simply informed me about Seminar at sea, Oasis of the Seas, October 20, 2012. I was excited to go because I wanted to learn about new features, deployment, and try a new menu in Opus dining room.

Seminar was excellent! During dining on October 24 somebody mentioned that there is a hurricane upfront but we didn’t pay attention – we rushed to Comedy Club for entertainment.

Morning October 25, 2012 was cloudy. Ocean was choppy with white caps. Oasis of the Seas was stable with slightly noticeable rocking. Last year, rocking was more significant on Monarch of the Seas in similar conditions. We received updates about hurricane and learned that Oasis of the Seas is changing course to avoid the brunt of the hurricane Sandy. It was raining so some activities on open air were cancelled but other than that everything was as usual.

On Friday October 26, 2012 waves became bigger and ocean was covered by white caps up to the horizon. Oasis of the Seas continued to be stable without extreme swings. Yes, you can feel rocking; it was little bit stronger compare to Thursday. All activities were conducted according to schedule. People enjoyed day at sea: shopping, entertainment, dining, etc. Even zip-lining and surfing simulators were in use. Wind gusts were strong.

We dined in Chef’s Table when rocking became stronger. Somebody joked that this is because of glass of wine for dinner or something happened with ocean. When we finished, rocking became significant but tables and chairs didn’t slide. When we returned to stateroom rocking decreased. This was due to positioning of our cabin. It was just at the center of the ship. Around 3 AM rocking became less noticeable. I thought that ocean calm down. But it was not – ocean was covered with white caps.

I learned from my experience that due to huge mass Oasis of the Seas is more stable compare to Monarch of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas. I remember how water rushed from Jacuzzi during storm when we cruised on Voyager in 2004.

Also, I recommend my clients to be selective about their staterooms during hurricane season.

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