Junior vs. Grand Suite

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grand suite Oasis of the Seas“Grand Suite on Oasis of the Seas is fine for me but it cost more compare to Junior Suite. What is the difference I have to pay for?” I receive a lot of questions like this. That is why I decided to write a blog about how different they are? So, you can make the right decision about your cruise vacation on Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas. Remember, there are 10 categories of suites on Oasis class ships.

Let’s compare size of both suites first. Junior Suite is 287 sq. ft. (26.7 sq. m.)  Grand Suite is 371 sq. ft. (34.5 sq. m.)  This means that Grand Suite on Oasis of the Seas is 84 sq. ft. (7.8 sq. m) bigger. That is why it is more expensive – more sq. feet! Grand Suite is almost 30% wider. There are two huge floor to ceiling windows with sliding door in Grand Suite and a combination of small and big ones in Junior Suite. Generally speaking, Grand Suite gives you feeling of bigger space and more luxury accommodation. You can compare floor plans by printing it. For Junior Suite click here and for Grand Suite click here.

Grand Suite on Oasis of the Seas has an entry compare to Junior Suite which doesn’t. Also, there is a breakfast bar when you enter a Grand Suite. You can eat your breakfast in suite in comfort.  In Junior Suite you have to eat your meals either in sitting area utilizing the small table or on a balcony. There is a small side table available.

Grand Suite gives you more privacy because sleeping area is separated from living area by curtain. So, kids can sleep on the conversable sofa in lining room totally separated from parents’ bed. In Junior Suite, sitting is also separated by curtain but sleeping are sitting areas are lined up. So, if your kids want to use bathroom they have to pass through your bedroom.

Let’s compare balconies. Junior Suite on Oasis of the Seas has 80 sq. ft. (7.5 sq. m) compared to 105 sq. ft. (9.8 sq. m) in Grand Suite. So, in first case you will have 2 chairs and table between in second – half sized lounge.

Junior Suite doesn’t give you an access to suite amenities as Concierge Lounge and complimentary happy hour before dinner. Grand Suite give you access to all perks provided for suite guests.

Junior Suite on Oasis of the Seas is an oversized balcony cabin. Please learn about the differences between it and standard cabin with balcony.

If you have any questions about suites on Oasis of the Seas please contact Nadia, #1 expert in Oasis class ships on Royal Caribbean International by calling at 772 777-1337 or filling out form here.

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