Oasis of the Seas and Hurricane Sandy
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Yes, I was on Oasis of the Seas what it crossed path of hurricane Sandy last week. First of all, let’s face it: hurricane season in Caribbean is unpredictable. It may be perfectly fine or absolutely opposite. So, when you cruise in August – October (November is more predictable) you have to accept any weather. I didn’t have a chance to pick-up … Read More

Junior vs. Grand Suite
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“Grand Suite on Oasis of the Seas is fine for me but it cost more compare to Junior Suite. What is the difference I have to pay for?” I receive a lot of questions like this. That is why I decided to write a blog about how different they are? So, you can make the right decision about your cruise vacation on … Read More

Balcony Cabin vs. Junior Suite
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“Nadia, which suite on Oasis of the Seas is better – Junior Suite or balcony cabin?” – I hear this quite often. “There is no good or bad. You have to find which the best is for you.” – I answer in this way. Junior Suite is an oversized ocean view balcony cabin. Standard balcony cabin is 182 sq. ft. (16.9 m²) … Read More

Monarch of the Seas
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Bye-bye, The First Mega Ship! Have you been on Monarch of the Seas? In Treasure Coast, FL a lot of people will answer? “Yes, I did!” We even had a Charity Cruise benefiting Dogs and Cats Forever on this ship. Let’s think about Monarch of the seas as a grandmother of the Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. Modern history of … Read More

Liberty of the Seas
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My ship inspection on Liberty of the Seas By Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Expert Plus Cruise Expert I inspected Liberty of the Seas on March 12, 20122 to would like to report my findings. Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas belongs to the Freedom-class family, which is 3 years older than Oasis class family. There are 3 sisters in this class: Freedom of the … Read More

Be Fit While at Sea
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By Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Oasis of the Seas & Allure of the Seas Expert Plus, CLIA Certified Cruise Counselor, Luxury Cruise SpecialistMarch 7, 2012 Running, jogging or walking on Oasis of the Seas When I mention about vacation on Oasis of the Seas or sister ship Allure of the Seas, reaction is the same – “No, I want to have very active vacation. … Read More

Safety Standards
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Message from Adam Goldstein, RCI  President and CEO I received this email from Adam Golstein, Royal Caribbean President and SEO today. I decided to share it with my site visitors because I believe that safety is the first priority on cruise vacation. Dear Travel Partner, All of us at Royal Caribbean International continue to extend our heartfelt sympathies to those affected by … Read More

How Safe Is Your Ship?
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Concordia’s tragedy highlighted one is the major question in cruise industry: How safe are mega ships? Is it possible to deal with emergency while carry on 6,400 plus people on Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas? I know from my experience that muster drill is the least fun event on the board. It is true. Some people even hide … Read More

Health On Board Of Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas
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When embarking on your next vacation, don’t forget to take matters into your own hands! Not just what to pack, or how to plan your itinerary, but your health onboard as well. No matter how small or large the ship, from river cruises to the Allure of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas, health is a priority on each ship. … Read More

Why Royal Caribbean?
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By Nadia Jastrjembskaia September 19, 2011-09-19 There is no doubt that not all cruise ships are equal and not all cruise lines are the same. What separates Royal Caribbean from the rest of the pack? Yes, there are cruise lines that are more affordable. So, people are ready to pay more for WHAT exactly? The question I receive most often from novice … Read More

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