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Nadia, help they took my bottle of wine! What I can to do?” Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Leave your bottle at Ft. Lauderdale, take your cruise on Oasis of the Seas and enjoy your cruise vacation. On your way back home pick up your bottle.

Sometimes I receive calls like this. I provide detailed instructions with Dos and Don’ts. Among Don’ts I state very clear: don’t take alcohol onboard of Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas. Don’t be in situation when your bottle is confiscated. This is not a right point to start your vacation.

I decided to write this blog after I read message from Mr. Goldstein, Royal Caribbean President & CEO. The TV show “Inside Edition” aired a segment that included video that was filmed onboard one of the Royal Caribbean’s ships. Video was about alcohol consumption by spring breakers. Mr. Goldstein wrote, “Royal Caribbean International takes the issue of alcohol service and consumption very seriously, and we closely monitor it on all of our vessels.”

He stated that Royal Caribbean introduced a comprehensive SafeServe training program for all of our shipboard bartenders and servers in 2006. The purpose of this program is to teach how to serve alcohol responsibly. As Mr. Goldstein mentioned, bartenders and servers are trained to recognize over consumption, and once recognized, to deny additional alcoholic beverages. This helps to prevent over serving. If employee violets Royal Caribbean’s policies, they take disciplinary actions.

You can buy alcohol while on shore and bring to the ship. But you will be asked to store you bottle at the entrance of Oasis of the Seas. Don’t worry; you will receive a coupon, so you will be able to claim your bottle last night before arrival.  Why they do that? Here two main reasons for that:

  1. Over consuming  alcohol to excess impairs one’s judgment and
  2. Reduces one’s ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Royal Caribbean wants everyone onboard of Oasis of the Seas as well as other ships to have fun and enjoy memorable cruise vacation. Alcohol policies are in place for the safety of guests.

Also, just to mention that Royal Caribbean holds the Friends of Bill W. meetings. This little ‘club’ is a meeting point for people who are recovering from alcoholism.

It was very interesting to read all 57 responses to Mr. Goldstein’s post. One person wrote: “There was a woman who couldn’t form a sentence. The wise bartender cut her off, and passed the word around. This woman could not purchase a drink at any bar. She tried to get my brother in law to buy her a drink, again an example of how people try to get around your wise rules, but instead he very nicely escorted her back to her cabin, where her mother took over. …I think Royal Caribbean does a great job.”

Out of 57 responses only a few stated a problem with over consumption. Most people stated that they didn’t have an experience with drunken passengers as well with underage consumption.

If you have any questions about alcohol policies on you future cruise on Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas, please feel free to contact Nadia at 772 777-1337 or write your question here.

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