Balcony Cabin vs. Junior Suite

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balcony cabin Oasis of the SeasNadia, which suite on Oasis of the Seas is better – Junior Suite or balcony cabin?” – I hear this quite often.

“There is no good or bad. You have to find which the best is for you.” – I answer in this way.

Junior Suite is an oversized ocean view balcony cabin. Standard balcony cabin is 182 sq. ft. (16.9 m²) vs. Junior Suite is 287 sq. ft. (26.7 m².) This means that Junior Suite is 105 sq. ft. (9.8 m²) bigger. This is a lot! If 105 sq. ft. make the difference for your family – take it! I recommend Junior Suite for family of four. Yes, you can use a standard balcony cabin called quad for guest but Junior Suite makes your cruise more enjoyable. You will feel more comfortable in more spacious stateroom.

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Balcony is another topic to discuss about your cruise on Oasis of the Seas. Sizes of balcony vary on different staterooms. Standard balcony is 50 sq. ft. (4.7 m².) At the same time balcony on superior ocean view stateroom with balcony in category D1 is 80 sq. ft. (7.4 m².) So, if you simply need the bigger balcony – take category D1.

Another very nice option for Junior Suite is a curtain. This curtain separates sleeping area in your cabin from sitting area with sofa. Sofa in most cases is a double convertible sofa. This means that your kids will sleep behind the curtain and give you some privacy. In quod balcony cabin sofa is also convertible in double bed but there is no curtain between beds and may create some issues with privacy.

From suite amenities point of view Junior Suite does not have any. So, you will be not welcomes to the Concierge Lounge to take a complimentary glass of wine or have priority boarding. If you concern about additional amenities for your cruise vacation on the Oasis of the Seas – take the Grand Suite.

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